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Freeware Key for Quest code tester


Downloaded and installed ver2.6

Getting message as shown in attachment

Please advice


What is the key for freeware, please??



I found that we have a very old freeware version available for downloading. It is expired not because of a license key (freeware does not have a key at all), but because this version is old. I will try to make sure that newest freeware is available for downloading.



The new freeware version 2.6.3 is now available for downloading.


Thanks a lot

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I downloaded and installed Code Tester for Oracle Freeware v2.6.3.983 so as to test features. It was 24.06.2015. After installed I saw this this picture. It was the first installed but freeware editions is expired. What do i must do that i can test free edition?

6825.code tester.png


Same here.


Hi Code Tester Team

Could you please release a new version of the freeware Code Tester.

The current ( has expired 3rd June 2015.


/Jan S


Still no response?


I have sent a message to the PM for guidance. Once I hear back I will update this thread.



Hello all,

I have the same problem. Any estimations when this will be solved?

Thanks a lot in advance!




Code Tester was just release last week. It took a bit to get the freeware updated to coincide with the official GA release but it should be available now for download. Let us know if you have any issues.