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Freeware Toad for Sybase license


Could someone please confirm whether Toad for Sybase Freeware can be used for commercial purposes.



if by “commercial purposes” you mean “internal company use” then yes. You cannot resell or anyhow redistribute the product however.

If your company is a partner of Dell, i.e. reseller or distributor, you cannot use it for your personal or company purposes but only to promote our product to your end users.

Does it answer your question?


Hi Dan,

Thanks for clarification. Yes, I was interested to know whether we can use for our internal company purpose.Our company is not a partner of Dell.




I know this is an old post, but i’m wondering if there are any limit of users in “Toad for Sybase Freeware” like those in “Toad for SQL Server Freeware” which limit to 5 users?


Hi, coolzlow.

Not with the current v2.1 freeware. There will be with the upcoming v3.0 freeware that will be released in August. Along those lines, the freeware will be changing dramatically with the v3.0 release. While it will remove some ASE features which are currently included for free, it will add support for IQ, SA, and HANA to the freeware edition.



Thanks Steve for the information., and appreciate your prompt reply … :slight_smile:


Reading through the license for SAP, I do not see a restriction for number of users for the freeware version. Are there any restrictions other than the limited functionality? Previous posts indicated that these restrictions would be implemented.



For freeware users there is still only functional restriction.