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From Toad Data Modeler Freeware to Toad Data Modeler - Beta 3


I have created a ERD using Toad Data Modeler Freeware (Just to test this very cool app). Then i came across the Beta 3, thinking well it should open the model from the freeware version, but i was wrong.
I have also tried exporting from the freeware version to a .dmx file and opening the file in the Beta 3, but this produces the following error “Database 430 is not supported.”

So my question is how do i get my model from freeware to Beta 3 without redrawing it?


Hi Stelio,

support for PostgreSQL 8.0 is not available in the BETA version of TDM3. Currently supported databases are:

Oracle 10g
Oracle 9i
MSSQL 2005
MSSQL 2000

Other databases will be added gradually. Please have a look at the following document:

You will find there more information about database coverage and our plans.

Link to the library item: