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Functions with SET commands


I am trying to compile functions with SET commands in them (i.e. set random_page_cost = 1.1, set enable_nestloop = false), and Edge is flagging them as an error. Not sure what the issue is. These compile in our current tool, which is Postgres Maestro.


Hi, could you please send us more information?

  • Edge is flagging them as an error - are they flagged as syntax error or they cannot be executed?
  • error message you get
  • PostgreSQL version
  • OS

Miroslav Stanik


Hi, i have tried to put example commands into function body, it looks like error in our parser.
But you should be able to compile this function, of course there will be still that false positive syntax error.
We will try to fix it as soon as possible (probably version 2.0.4)

Miroslav Stanik


They are being flagged as a syntax error, but yes, they can still be compiled and the function executed. We are on Postgres 9.6 and running Edge on Windows 10.

We are seeing the same thing with the “at” command (l_date := now()::timestamp at time zone ‘CST6CDT’) and with “GET STACKED DIAGNOSTICS” in exception handling.


issues already fixed and fixes available in 2.0.4:

  • “at” command (l_date := now()::timestamp at time zone ‘CST6CDT’)

new issue (as i wrote we will try to fix it into 2.0.4):

  • SET commands in function body