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Funny checkbox and other GUI quirks or GUI suggestions


Hi all,

During editing attributes of any entity, you can select “Not Null” at the Attributes tab. There is no problem with changing “Not Null” status here.
After selecting attribute to edition (select attribute and click Edit), when you want to mark “Not Null” checkbox, you have to click it 2 times. After first click your mark disappears. All next clicks behave properly.
This situation is reversible - when you have “Not Null” set, you can uncheck it on Attribute tab by one click, but after opening attribute to edition, you have to click it two times.


PS. If I have any other comments to GUI, I’ll post them in this thread. That’s why the topic is so long :slight_smile:


Hi Marcin,

Thanks for your notification! You’re right.
We will deal with this issue. CR # 29 694.

Thanks again for your great co-operation!



Regarding stamp:

  1. I can’t change creation and modification date - both of them are set to “1899-12-30”.
  2. In TDM2 there was “Project” field, which was very useful. Why there is no such field in TDM3?
  3. Confusing field mapping - field “Name” from “Edit…” window is shown as “Model” on the stamp.




Thanks to your remarks!

  1. The date of creation and last change are not and will not be possible to change. The dates will be entered automatically. (We’ve thought: Why would someone like to change the data… We can’t see any reason.)
    Concerning the current dates in the example model - yes, they’re a bit old, aren’t they… There will be a correct date format in next release. - CR # 29 810.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion. We will add this item to the stamp. CR # 29 807.

  3. Thanks for your notification! This will be fixed. CR # 29 808.

Marcin, your help is really great!

Have a nice day.