FW: losing breakpoints on reformat

Looks like this got broken again somewhere along the way. I’m pretty sure you had fixed it at one point. I see it is losing breakpoints on reformat in the beta and I backpedaled to see when it worked… losing them in 12.11, 12.10 and 12.9. Maybe it didn’t get fixed after all, but I was pretty sure it had been.

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Subject: losing breakpoints on reformat

I notice that reformatting keeps the cursor position much nicer now. Excellent! That was always one of my pet peeves.

But I also notice that reformatting clears debugger breakpoints. I understand that the line number change, but is there no way to update the breakpoints as the lines change? I know it wouldn’t be simple, as I believe the formatter and debugger are independent tools, possibly maintained by different groups, but it sure would be a lot more user friendly. It’s frustrating to be debugging, make code changes and restart the debugger only to lose valuable work and have to redo setup scenarios because the debugger breakpoints got cleared and it doesn’t stop after code changes.

If it isn’t feasible I understand, we’ll just have to get used to not reformatting code while debugging until we are done.

Chris Johnson

IT Systems Analyst

Distribution Logistics


It’s still logged and open. I haven’t gotten around to visiting it yet.

Okay, thanks for confirming. I could swear I remember it being fixed, but I guess that’s why I still have the email in my “outstanding issues” folder.

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RE: FW: losing breakpoints on reformat

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It’s still logged and open. I haven’t gotten around to visiting it yet.

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