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FW: Toad-ss-Beta 387 crashes on export to excel


When exporting a select result that had a two fields and the second field has
700(+ or -) characters in the field, Toad-ss-Beta Crashed and consuming a
boatload of memory. Application could not provide a Support Bundle so a
TaskManager dump was created. Application was terminated… Error message
about SubString value in the graphic below SQL Server Database Error: Invalid
length parameter passed to the SUBSTRING function.

Dump has not been sent because the size created = 1.09 GB (1,179,479,903 bytes),
but has been retained.

Editor session restored…

This problem has occurred before and now I can make reproduce it. Please advise
if this is an issue that can be addressed.

Hank Freeman

Senior Systems, Database/Data Warehouse Architect

hfreeman@msn. com

678.414.0090 my cell Primary