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FW: Typing in editor crashes the Toad for SQL Server Beta Version Application [1 Attachment]


[ Attachment(s) from Hank_Freeman included below]

I was typing an Update statement and I placed the Where statement down on
line below a blank line, where the from statement was going to be put and
low and behold Toad-ss-Beta crashed. What a Surprise.

Something like

Update f1
Set f1.a = f2.a
, f1.b = f2.b

Where …Now Crash !!!

System had been running slow like, toad ss was taking all the resources.
Anyway here is the s_bundle.

Hank Freeman
Senior Systems, Database/Data Warehouse Architect
678-414-0090 my cell Primary


Hi Hank,

I’m able to reproduce this issue with exact the same exception on 418 beta
build. But there were a lot of code changes in this area from that build and now
this works fine on the same environment. Hope it will be the same on your side
with next Beta Buld.

Thanks for the reporting!


Alexander Maximov


Excellent !!!

Respectfully, Hank Freeman 678-414-0090 Nextel