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General notes from one of my developers



  • Sometimes when hitting Control+S to periodically save my work, it brings up the explorer dialog as if I chose Save As…

  • After having a session open for a while (not sure if this is the cause), running a SELECT statement does NOT pop-up the Results window automatically. It shows “SQL statement executed” but nothing happens

  • When manually inputting parameter values in the Run tab of a stored procedure, pressing enter on the keyboard does not save the value entered…it ignores the change altogether. I have to click out of focus to save the value I entered.

  • When cycling through search results (via F3), I used to be able to paste (Control+V) and it would replace the highlighted value. Now it just appends it at the end of the highlighted search result.

  • Longstanding irk with Nav 5, 6, and 7: when typing in a partial object name in the DB Explorer panel, exact matches are not selected first. For instance: say there’s SCADMIN, SECADMIN, and SSADMIN in that order. When you put the focus on the DB Explorer and start typing “ss”, it selects SECADMIN when it was supposed to match SSADMIN. This is not the correct behavior for a Windows application, as this functionality works correctly in everything else.

  • Sometimes Nav becomes unstable when switching the session context for queries

  • After stopping the execution of a long query via clicking the Stop button, every query run thereafter locks up Nav as if it’s still running. I have to click “Stop Script Execution” to enable the controls on Nav again.


Thankyou for your note Henry

We are working through your issues, we will get back you tomorrow with some answers and questions.