Generate a Report of Users currently on TIC Server

I am trying out the suggestions to previous questions about both backing up and restoration of the TIC server and moving the data folder on a current instance. In doing so, it struck me that I don't have a way to report what users are currently using the TIC server. Is there some way to report how many users are currently on the TIC server or connected to it and what they are looking at and/or connected to? This way I can know who is about to be cut off during a restart.

There is no such function to show current connecting users and what are they doing. I hope below instructions may help you somehow:

  • Connect to TIC through port 3566 with any MySQL client tools.
  • Run command:

show processlist;

The result will tell you who are connecting on database level and whether they are running some commands.

You can ignore the build-in user of event_scheduler.