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Generate DDL of entire db in toad for sybase 2.1 freeware

Hi everybody, I need to generate the complete ddl of a database sybase ASE (tables, views, indexs, procedures, constraints, etc…). I’m using the freeware version of toad that I found in this website (I usually use toad for oracle and this task is simply) but I can’t, the only tool similar what I need is the generate DDL of a single element in Object Explorer. Anyone can help me?


I am pretty sure that is a limitation of the Freeware version. In order to generate the complete database you will need a licensed copy of the product.


Do you know an alternatively way?

If you have a support-contract with Sybase you should be able to download good, old Sybase Central which can generate DDL for you.

Otherwise you have to go back to basics and use ddlgen, something like:

ddlgen -U -P -S -TDB -N<db_name> -O<db_name>.ddl

Either way (with any tool) you will most likely face some problems with dependencies with exicuting the generated DDL because it will e.g. try to install a procedure before another procedure, on which the one to install depends. Normally you have to tweak the sequence of installing objects.