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Get formatter update beyond SQL Navigator beta release


Hi everyone,

Some of you may already know the formatter component of SQLNav is developed by another team in Quest. They release new version when they complete new features or fix bugs.

SQLNav will normally pick up the latest formatter release in our development cycle. We need to perform integration testing once we pick up a new formatter release. They could be some regressions in certain release. When we think one release does not benefit SQLNav, we will not pick up the release. Or when we are in QA cycle of a SQLNav release, like this moment of SQLNav 6.3, if we don’t feel having enough time to test the integration, we will not pick up a new formatter release.

We realize that some of the new formatter releases can give sufficient benefits to SQLNav users, specially to some of you who already reported certain issues. Due to the time limit of QA cycle, we cannot officially include the new formatter into SQLNav beta or GA release. Now here we provide another way to send the formatter new release to users and you can follow below instructions to update the formatter component of SQLNav.

  1. Close SQLNav.
  2. Go to the folder where you install SQLNav to. e.g., C:\Program Files\Quest Software\SQL Navigator for Oracle Beta.
  3. Find out 3 files: QP5.dll, FmtOptions.dll and FmtOptions.exe; then backup these files.
  4. Extract the files in to the folder where you install SQLNav to, replacing existing files.
  5. Start SQLNav and now you can try with the new formatter. 

Please note that the formatter releases provided here may not be compatible with previous SQLNav GA releases(for example 6.2).


Thanks Vincent. Excellent explanation of the process and why sometimes there is a new formatter release and sometimes there isn’t as part of a SQL Nav release. Am I just being dense (entirely possible) or is it not obvious from your post where to get the file?


Formatter v5.158

To fix known issues:

  1. formatter breaks on package/procedure separator.

  2. Formatter anomaly with conditional compilation. (2.88 MB)


You’re quite quickly Mark :). I have attached 1 zip file after your message. Please check it out.



Thanks Vincent. Definitely seems to address issue 1 which was driving me insane especially for packages rendering html. The old formatter insisted on putting ‘HTP’ on one line, ‘.p’ on the next, and the ‘(’’ on the following which made for some very loooong packages!