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Hello All!
Are you still Novice in our forum? - Not for a long time… Learn about how to become an Expert or Guru soon!

Information on the point system in our forum:

1. It is you who can give and gain points…

When you post a new thread, you can mark it as a question. The “?” icon will appear next to the thread then.
Such marked threads give other users opportunity to gain some points.

*How does it work?*Another user will reply to your question and you can give him (her) some points:

  • If you mark the answer as “Helpful”, you will give the user who answered 5 points.
  • If you mark the answer as “Correct”, you will give 10 points.
    (See the Legend on the right in the thread.)

Regular users earn status levels based on the legend - Enthusiast, Expert, Guru.

Users with the most points will be displayed on the “Top Users” board on the main page.

**2. It is our developers who will give points, you can only gain…
**Every Monday the most active or most contributing members of the last week will be announced in the forum and awarded extra points! (…getting closer to become Guru… )
It doesn’t matter if your post is a question, suggestion or bug report. All posts of the last week will be considered and evaluated by our developers. The winners will be announced in the “Weekly Developer Surprise Award”.

Point system is:
5 points - Minor Bug/Enhancement
10 points - Detailed Bug Report / Useful Suggestion
15 points - Exceptional Find / Cool Suggestion
20 points - Developer Surprise

We start up since Monday 2 April!

Are you still Novice in our forum? - Yes, but only till Monday…

We look forward to all your posts!


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