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Getting around one-hour Linux disconnects?

Getting around one-hour Linux disconnects?

Afternoon all,

But if it’s the database server that’s booting the connection, then the
cronjob would just be another client connection to boot – unless, of
course, the database server settings ignored the primary OS jobs.

Well what we could have here is a number of different things doing the

  • The account on the database is linked to a profile which limits the
    amount of resources (CPU time for example, number of blocks read etc)
    and the job running form the client is hitting a profile limit. This
    will similarly affect the job if it runs locally from cron etc.

  • An “idle” session time-out. Once the job hits the database and starts
    processing, it may not communicate with the client and the server is
    kicking the connection off as being “idle” for too long.

  • Possibly, and I’m not sure, the firewall is not configured correctly
    and is causing a network disconnect after a given time.

There are ways to keep Toad active while it is currently “thinking”
about something it’s doing in another thread but if the OP’s system is
configured deliberately in this manner, then we shouldn’t - as Bert
would say - be giving advice on “hacking” around that security.

Equally, Toad may even be unable to get around the limits - depending on
the OP’s configuration.

I speculate that – since it’s Friday – I should be outside enjoying the
blue skies and bright sun.
Hmmm, it’s Saturday and raining here in Leeds. :slight_smile:

Norm. [TeamT]

if the OP’s system is configured deliberately
in this manner, then we shouldn’t - as Bert
would say - be giving advice on “hacking” around
that security.

Ahh… therein lies the puzzle: we just don’t know :slight_smile:

While it’s true we shouldn’t be giving advice about hacking around security (and I certainly won’t be doing that), it’s also true that sometimes one mode of access is forbidden while another is expected.

For example, while long-running jobs may be forbidden across the network, they may be expressly allowed on the server itself.

That’s why I keep pointing out: the original poster simply hasn’t let us know :slight_smile:

We can offer possibilities, but they’re blind shots in the dark without more information.

PS: a good example of “doing something within the bounds” was my suggestion of breaking the script into logical parts and running each part separately.

Roger S.

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