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gfx representation related questions

I have to document some db systems. In relation to this I have a few questions:

  1. Is it possible to draw dotted/dashed line object?
  2. is it possible to affect size of model picture presented in report. Currently I got too small letters
  3. Is it possible to report attributes in entities section but exclude attributes tab. Currently disabling attributes in report options, disables them at all from both report sections.
  4. Some time ago I requested possibility to put function into workspace as an object. I would like to get it also in report as clickable object which will switch report page to related point. Will it be possible in near future?
  5. How to format (bold, italic, unordered/ordered lists) text in Notes
  6. I want to add textual description of any objects (ie function) to print it in report. I found I can use Notes field. But then, Notes are printed as the last part of function decription. I want function description to be placed just under function name. How can I do that?
  7. is it possible to change align of text object (to right or center) and format it (bold, underline, italic).
  8. I asked for possibility to join line object with relation ship line. Is it possible in near future?


thank you for your questions.

  1. Currently it is not possible to change solid line to dashed/dotted line.
  2. You can enlarge it by changing font size.
  3. Yes and no. There is no checkbox/setting that does what you need, however you might take advantage of scripting/customization or if you are familiar with XSL transformation you might find it as a possible way how to get desired results. But that would represent additional task for you.
  4. Unfortunately no. We have to work on items with higher priority and improve already existing features first. Thank you for understanding it.
  5. Visual formatting of Notes is not possible.
  6. Via scripting. Again, this would represent additional task for you.
  7. Text cannot be aligned to right or center, but you can change font (right click the text object and select Format. Change font settings there.)
  8. This is planned, but I cannot promise it will appear in TDM in near future.