Git Login Issue


in our team we use two different databases DB_a and DB_b, and both of them are configured for version control using Git. Of course they both use different Git repositories Rep_a and Rep_b. When it is necessary to login to Git (e.g. when checking out a package), the Git login mask is always presented with the Git repository that was last recently used instead of the behaviour to show Rep_a for DB_a Connection and Rep_b for DB_b connection. Is there any possibility to change that behaviour?

Thanks in advance and best regards

Hi Rainer,

I see what you're talking about, and that makes sense -- we should be able to add a way to default the repository to the database you've logged into rather than the last logged-in repository. In the meantime, you can simply switch repositories when logging in by selecting the repository from the drop-down menu on the login page.


Hi John,

first I'm happy that my English was good enough to explain the problem :wink:
And second I'm happy that you will look for an enhancement for that little inconvenience. Thanks in advance.


Hi Guys,

I don't want to disturb, but the same feature also would be nice for the subversion (SVN) team coding.
When you switch to another schema, the last repository gets selected when you try to logon to svn, and not the repository that i have last used with the new schema.

Best regargs,

Hi Julian,

No worries. And thanks for the input, both of you guys! Yes, this would apply to most, if not all, VCS providers. We'll make sure it gets in place for Subversion as well.

Please continue to let us know if there's anything else that would be helpful!


Hi Julian and Rainer,

You should see this fix in next Monday's beta. Please feel free to give it a try and let us know if that works for you. You'll need to log in at least once for the database to be associated with the repository in question; however once you do that, you should be good going forward.

Thanks again for your feedback! Please feel free to let us know if you run into anything else or if there's anything else that would be helpful to have.



Hi John,

I gave it a try, logged in once for each database as you described and... It works fine! Thank you for that quick fix. Probably we'll wait for the next official release (we hope it will come soon :slight_smile:), but it's good to know that this little issue will be fixed then.

Best regards and greetings from Germany (your president's new enemy No. 1 :wink:)

Hi John,

the new feature also works for the SVN part.

Thanks a lot,