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Grab date format from windows only when "use system default is checked"


Everytime the date format changes in windows toad grabs this format and uses it for it’s data grids.

If “Use system default” is unchecked I think users do not expect that the date format changes due to windows events:

Thus TOAD should behave different in 2 points

  • save wether the box “Use system default” in date format options is checked
  • do not change TOAD date format during any windows events when checked


I assume you are the same person with a support case open for this.

If the date format is changing in Toad due to changing in windows, it is a bug. I am looking at it.

The wording of that checkbox is a bit misleading and I will be changing it soon.

If you check it, we will pull the settings from windows at that moment. If you open that dialog and the box is already checked, it means that the current Toad date settings are the same as the current windows date settings.

That checkbox was never intended to keep Toad date settings synchronized with windows date settings as they change in windows.


Hi John,

right, I’m the person who placed SR 4376584. Thanks for this comment and new info about what is expected behavior.