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Grayed out or missing



I just installed the Edge version

There are things missing when right clicking on an object:

  • Materialized Views -> No create new

  • Procedures -> New Procedure grayed out

  • Packages -> New Package grayed out

  • Constraints -> No create new

  • Indexes -> no create new

  • Synonyms -> new synonyms grayed out

Remark: The creation of these objects are also missing in the menu -> Database -> New Database Object

Creating these objects using a script in a Worksheet is nog problem, so it is not a privilege problem.


Hello Steven,

Materialized Views, Procedures (for EDB), Packages and Synonyms currently do not have any Wizards available, which is why the options are grey in Object Explorer and why they are missing in the Main Menu - Database - New Database Object list.

Constraints and Indexes have Wizards, but they are only available from Table Detail - Constraints/Indexes Tabs.

Best regards,

Tomáš Pustka


Some features could be grayed out in the trial version or freeware.


I have a licensed version of Toad Edge and I can confirm that these menu items are grayed out in my version (2.0.2) as well. I simply don’t understand why menu items are grayed out if they’re not implemented… this just seems so “unfinished.” If functionality does not exist in the software, there should be no menu item at all… not just grayed out!


Hi, if this behavior is confusing for user (grayed out unimplemented features) we will remove them.
Miroslav Stanik


Grayed out could also imply that some other object needs to be created first before the grayed out objects become available.


If an object is listed in Object Explorer an option would be available to create a new object.Tested for Databases>New Database in Object Explorer and New Database is not grayed out.