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Great improvement of funcionality with pls/sql editor



I would be great to have tabbed pls/sql editor. Tabbed by package( or procedure function etc). Now we have tabb by package and body, but it would be grat to add master tab by object! You have something like that in delphi code editor or Eclipse, and any more.

Of course the same improvement could be include in sql editor. Now we have tabbed only results window(when few sqls are runned from one widow), but you can add master tab (like in PL/sql editor) with group of sqlls.

I think it would increase speed of work and help to have regular windows


Regards Piter


Hi Piter,

Thanks for your feedback and sending in this enhancement request with Tabbed style VOEs/windows.

Agree with you that it will definitely improve the work flow from Dev point of view…

We have attempted to add this feature in 5.5 with the introduction of Project Manager and restore active windows at startup…Unfornately, due to the risks involved and time constraints we had to pull this out…

We will definitely get this in for you in a post 5.5 Beta build in a very near future with more enhancements to the Project Manager and Windows layout settings.

Thanks and regards,

PS: Last Fri, we could not find any beer from Poland at the pub. Will keep trying next time


Thanks for reply!

PS. No way ! I can send you some!