GREAT JOB TO ALL DEVELOPERS who made QSO v7.5...(this is not a question)

Hello all,

      This is first of all not a question.  Just a THANK YOU note to all the developers and people involved  in developing qso v7.5

Our Company relys big on QSO, We actually have a special Desktop build (quad core 12GB Memory), just to run QSO for tuning our queries.

The older version did a great job as well, but version 7.5 is the best. The reason being. We have a complex query (30 table join). Used to take over 4 hours to execute. We had put the sql thru version 7.4, but didnt get any good alernatives. But when Version 7.5 came out, we put our sql thru it and it did a great job. Got the run time down from 4 hours to under 3mins. AMAZING…So i am just amazed by the new version 7.5. I dont know what you guys did to the new engine for version 7.5, but did a great job…



Thank you for your feedback. I am glad that the product helped you resolved SQL problem.