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Grid View Suggestion


When you run a query and the results are displayed, the first row is highlighted gray. The problem is that the row while highlighted is not the same as clicking on a row. The text of the row will be gray too and it makes reading the row data difficult. If you run your query and then click on the first row, the text goes black and it much easier to see. Some of us out here are no longer seeing with 20 year old eyes if you know what I mean. I would be nice if when you run the query that the highlighted row is like the second grid in the attached screenshot.

Just a suggestion…


If you go to Tools -> Options, then Environment -> Interface, you can select a different grid style. You can also select an entirely different look and feel for TOAD.

I use Blue Office for my grid style. I find it much easier to read, nicer to look at, and I do not have this issue that you have mentioned.

I hope this helps!


I get the same behavior just in different colors.

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Here is the screen shot.