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Group Execute: Make it easier to find

One of the most powerful features in Toad for SQL Server is the ability to execute the same script against multiple connections, multiple databases, the but feature is practically hidden. To display group execute the user has to have an editor window open, and then from the Editor Menu, go way down to the bottom of the list and find the Windows sub-menu, and then finally pick Group Execute:

Such a great feature should not be so difficult to find.

Could we please have a button added to the main editor menu to toggle the visibility of the Group Execute window -- or if you don't want to edit the default one, at least make it an option that we can add manually:

Could we also please have a default keyboard shortcut assigned for this? Might I suggest: CTRL+SHIFT+G

Now I do know that I can assign keyboard shortcuts myself, which brings me to another topic:

Why is the Keyboard shortcut command for Group Execute nested under the:

"Editor > CharEncoding" path instead of being under the

"Editor > Execute" path where it should be:

Some of these changes will not take long to make, let's make this great feature more accessible in the next release please.

Hi Darren,

Thanks for your suggestions. I think we do have something can be improved for this. I ‘ve create TSS-

972 for it. We will discuss and plan when and how we will improve this.