Group of developers, common Toad formatting possible?

Several developers using Toad for Oracle… we format all code and save in a Git repository (but we do not use Team Coding)

Is there any way to create a ‘group’ preference file, such that all of the developers ‘format’ are using the same format options?

Eg, if one developer has changed their right margin setting, their formatted code will create a large diff file in GIT.

Under Toad Options you can set formatting options for your various editors. This is saved in a FmtOpt file. One person can make all of the desired changes and then you can ‘add’ this file to a network location. Then everyone else on the team can ‘add’ this network file to their copy of Toad and when you do a right-click on the editor you can format your code using these standards.

Awesome… thanks

From Toad for Oracle 12.7 you can also store and share your formatting standards in Toad Intelligence Central -…/