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hangs when editing sql

Ocassionaly nav will hang when I am writing sql. Nave becomes unuesable. I think it is trying to query the database and figure out the column name that I am working with but I really don’t know the cause.

table. get hourglass


table.col@databaselink. Again poof - hourglass.

But it does not happen every time. I now the server is not over used b/c I am able to jump into toad and execute the query. Also my co-workers are able to use there older version of nav without any issues on the same database.

using nave 6.5 build 2080

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Hi Henry,

We have make changes to address a number of performance issues including key strokes reported by Andres earlier in

Lidia has sent out the new build 2086. Much appreciated if you could please use build 2086 and let us know if it would work better for you.

If you still have same issue with build 2080, could you please run SQL Tracker app which can be found in the SQL Navigator Start Program group, repeat the same steps and send us the query logs from SQL Tracker.

Thanks and regards,

I have not experienced sql nav hanging with the 2086 build.

Thank you Henry for your note.


I have this same issue in Toad for Mac 1.1.1. Many times when I command-click on a table/column in my sql, the whole thing hangs. I get the swirling rainbow and have to force quit the application. Whatever its doing it is using up processing power (as every time it happens the computer’s fan kicks on, which rarely happens).