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Has anyone tried extracting DDL for a SUBpartitioned table?


(using 864 build)

I have run into two issues and I’m not sure if they are related.

We have several Oracle instances around here and no two of them have the same permissions for the IDs we connect with. So I spend a lot of time in the Preferences screen changing the “enable using DBA dictionary views” setting back and forth. (Side note - it would be nice if this was a per session setting instead of a global setting.)

When connecting to Oracle version

When using the BETA 864 build, I get a DDL regardless of the dictionary views setting (but with it enabled an error message shows up in the logs - this makes sense) but neither attempt contains any reference to the subpartitions.

Changing the “List individual hash partitions” also changes nothing in the output.

Changing the “Storage Clause Options” to show ALL stops the DDL from extracting at all. Setting it to show only non-default values goes back to showing a DDL (still with no subpartition information)

EDIT: Ignore the bit about not being able to extract the subpartition DDL. Someon echanged the table without telling me and there no longer ARE subpartitions…


Didn’t discover my own error in time to “unmark” this post as a question.


Hi Kyle,

Sorry that our Dev team missed this thread. We will look into this and will get back to you soon.



Hi Kyle,

Note that you don’t have to go to Preferences to change the Enable DBA Views setting for a particular connection. You can do this directly in the Logon dialog, just click the Options button.