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Header for generated script


Greets again guys,

In TDM 2.0, my generated script has this really nice header at the top:

Created 3/21/2007
Modified 5/16/2007
Project LTC Reports
Company Yavapai County Government
Author Sean Patterson
Version 1.0
Database MS SQL 2000

Opening up this file on the fly in my text editor or other source is really helpful to let me know if I’ve remembered to generate the script for some recent changes or to even figure out what the script is for.

I’m not seeing this in my generated scripts for TDM 3.0 Beta. Are there plans to add this header information again? I’d like to ask that you do unless there are serious objections. You could probably even have a checkbox to not include the header if people don’t want it.

Keep up the great work!



Thank you for this great suggestion! We will deal with it. - CR # 33 586.

Thanks again!