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help with error


CoachAptTest Job

Job Started

Started test Custom Mix Load Scenario

Agent(TTDevLaptop01) Error: SCRIPT ERROR> ERROR: Bad constant at line 1 position 29

Test cancelled due to errors.

** Job finished.

Total Time to perform the job:

Start Time: 3/25/2009 3:38:53 PM

End Time : 3/25/2009 3:39:47 PM
Elapsed : 0 Days 00:00:54.625

I am not sure what details are needed. I thought it could be an xml error, but i opened the .bfp with notepad++ and nothing stood out as an error. I am really not sure where to start looking to find the error. any help would be greatly appreciated. I can attach the file also if that might help.

I am recieving this error when i try to run a mix (just one user scenario right now)


The error is being generated by syntax error in a BFScript function that is being used. What BFScript functions are you using?


these first three are the first thing to run
$BFSetVarRtn(“CoachID”, $BFFileArray(“C:\TT DB Stress Test\Coaches.txt”,RANDOM,1))

$BFSetVarRtn(“PartID”,$BFFileArray(“C:\TT DB Stress Test\Participants.txt”,SEQUENTIAL,1))

$BFSetVarRtn(“IsAvailable”, $BFFileArray(“C:\TT DB Stress Test\Available.txt”,RANDOM,1))

then the sql inside the user scenarios reference them like this.
AND account_id = $BFGetVar(“PartID”)