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High disk and network on Oracle RAC


I want to create a job that will do high network (near or above gigabit speeds) and high disk I/O in an oracle rac confiugration. basically, what I have is a dual node Oracle RAC running on Linux and BMF running on my windows 2003 box. I have the disk I/O, RAC cluster and the BMF agents all communicating over a single switch. I am using IP over Fibre channel for the communications, and have everything talking correctly, but I want to generate a lot of I/O on the fibre channel. Any ideas on how to do this with BMF?


I recomend the Scalable Hardware Benchmark tests. It has Read, Update, and Insert intensive tests that you may find useful.


For high disk I/O the TPC-H is the best way to go. It is a very disk intense test.

Look at the following thread for more info on TPC-H testing.