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Highlighting Change?


Did the latest release change how sql is highlighted?

If I run a single sql statement in my editor, it “highlights” the statement (in that ugly, selected-like black/brown background).

I thought it stopped doing this awhile back. Am I confused here?



Hi Jet,

We have made changes to retain the selection after execution as per requested by other users. It introduces the behave as you reported.

We have made changes in the latest source to clear out the highlight as soon as you click the text or typing it again.

If it really annoys you and others, we can make more changes to stop the highlight if you run one (unselected) single sql.

Thanks and regards,


can you make it a preference setting? I mean, you guys already put a little indicator in the gutter so I can tell what was run.

Certainly if there is only one sql statement in the box it’s not necessary.

I think it’s very annoying mainly because I think the highlighting is hard to read and it appears that the statement is selected, but it isn’t.

The click to remove it would help quite a bit. I assume that will be in the next beta release?




Hi Jet,

We have added a new preference as per request.

When the setting as attached image is not ticked (OFF), it will not highlight the sql after execution.

For single sql execution, it will have the same behaviour as in v6.2, ie no highlight and there will not be a seperate result tab.

Please check it out in the next beta build.

Thanks and regards,


Sounds great!




Ditto. I found the highlighting behavior really annoying, but this looks like a perfect solution.

Rgds/Mark M.