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Highligting "Code Shortcuts"


OK, I think this changed in this version.

When I type in a shortcut (e.g. I use shft-ctl-s for “select * from”) Nav now selects the code so that when I start typing, it erases my “select * from”.

Was this an intentional decision?



Hi Jet,

This is confirmed a regression issue in 6.5. We will fix it.



This still is an issue in beta i just downloaded today. I was hoping this would have been an easy fix. It is anoying for it to Select your statement. if you start typing without pressing the arrow key, you delete your statement.



Hi Charlie,

Thank you for your note on this issue.

We will have this fixed for you and Jet for sure in the next build. We will send you another build to check again soon.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Jet and Charlie,

While we are still waiting for Henry’s info on the View Difference issue, we would like to send you the new build so you can check out the hightligh issue after insert text from Code Template. Build 2078 is available for you from

After we resolve the View Difference issues, we will release the new beta build to the whole Community.


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Yes, this is working correctly now.




Haven’t had a chance yet to test. I’ll try to get to it this afternoon. I have some production issues.

One question for you however, the link about “says” 2078, but the URL points to 2073. I assume that I need 2078 instead?



Kind of weird. the link in the post above does go to the old 2073 version. But, the link that was in my e-mail (showing the post), went to 2078. I used that link. Here is the correct one:



Thanks Charlie.

Sorry it pointed to the old link. I have updated the link in my post.