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History problem


Is there a way to make history engine write in history once per execution?I mean if I have a file with 10 000 updates I would prefere to write them in history in one file instead of creating 10 000 files with 1 update each !?!?
Also…I opened two instances of SQLNav on the same database connection . In one instance I was executing a file with 58 000 updates. In the other instance I was trying to execute few updates on other table. Well the second instance stopped working and SQLNav shuted down. My guess is that writing in history is not concurential (probably the second instance tryed to create a history file with the same name the other instance was doing this so one of them died, lucky for me it was the one with only few updates).

Also, in older versions there was a posibility to disable writing in history. Is there still such thing? Cause I don’t seem to find it.


Hi Catalin,

  • There is not an option in the current release to disable the writing in history. We will add it for you in the next release v6.5.

  • We used to write the history in block in v5.5, but due to size/performance issue we decided to break it up one by one. However, as you said, there is currently an issue where the app will crash, when the size/number of updates are big. I will raise a CR and we will look into the history area for you in the next release. We will keep you posted on the changes in a beta v6.5 drop. Preferencesmight be the best options here to give you more control on how you want to use the history, but I personally think we have already too many options/preferences .

Thanks and regards,


Thanks Bruce. As always prompt :wink:


Hi Catalin,

Thanks to Vincent for pointing out that we have an option already which you can use the turn off the writing of the history.

Sorry that i have missed it earlier .

I have attached the screen shot of the History option for your reference. By default it is ON. You can turn it off not to have your update statement to be included in the history.

Please let us know if that would work for you.

Thanks and regards,

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yes bruce. I finally found the option. :smiley:
still remains the concurent access to the history files issue and the one statement per file issue.


Hi Catalin,

We have raised CR for changes to be made in the history area. We might provide options for you to specify which type of sql to include and store 1 block/each execution or each statement, as well as the concurent access to the history files issue and the one statement per file issue.

The concurent access to the history files issue and the one statement per file issue will involve major work. Roman will take this on for you in the release v6.6 (after the next one).

Thanks and regards,