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I went into the History tab and did a CTL-A I wanted to select everything to copy and paste to a text editor to search for a specific command. I now can not unselect (or Deslect which ever is the correct term) everything. This thing is huge and navigator keeps putting it in the editor section and it takes awhile to, of course this is because I keep trying to unselect it and double click was not a good idea at that point. Any help would be appreciated.


I found out a way to deselect everything in the History tool.
After pressing Ctrl+A to select all entries, hold Ctrl key and click on any entry to deselect that entry only (click on the code not the date and time). Then, without holding Ctrl key, click on that same entry to deselect everything. The functionality is a bit dodgy but in 5.5 you can’t even use Ctrl+A to select all.

Hope this helps


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Did you intentionally take the CTL-A away? It was a lot easier to search for what I wanted than to sroll through this list! I would really like CTL-A back… Now when I press Ctl-A it highlights everthing in the code editor even though it isn’t in focus…

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Hi Dale,
I can assure you that it wasn’t our intention to take this shortcut out. It must have been broken while we fixed something else. Specifically, Ctrl+A in code editor takes over the control. That’s why pressing ctrl+A will highlight all the text in the code editor even though the cursor is in the History pane.
I will raise a CR for this bug but it’s too late to include this fix in 6.1. It will definitely be fixed in 6.2.
A work around for this bug is to put the cursor at the top of the History pane and use Ctrl+Shift+End.


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Lovin it, thanks…