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HIVE Schema and table names parsing issues with


Schema names and table names are not parse when double underscores are in the names. They are parsed as single underscores.

We have connected to Hive thru the ODBC driver. These are the critical issues that we have noticed.

  1.   Toad doesn’t parse the table names and column names if they have ‘__’ in the names. Double underscore is parsed as a single underscore ‘_’. For example, If hive shows the column name as ‘account_code__c’, the toad parses it as ‘account_code_c’ when the schema is refreshed.
  2.   Having to reinstall every month as the 5.0 is still in beta. This version has been on beta from last year with no ETA on it. This is impacting us.

Let me have QA look into this.


tested in TDP4.3&5.0,
if connect by native provider, double underscores did display as single underscore(have QAT-14704 for it).
if connect by ODBC provider(using Microsoft Hive ODBC Driver 2.01), double underscores show properly.