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Hive Temporary Tables disappear

Hive temporary tables allow for the creation of private temporary tables similar to many other database systems. The table and data disappear at the end of the user session. However, in Toad Data Point, the tables disappear after only a few seconds of idle time. My question is, what settings control this specific timeout behavior. There are numerous timeout under Tools > Options > Database > Timeouts. I would like my session to last until I explicitly log out, but I don't want other timeouts to change without good reason and suffer unintended side effects.

Steps to reproduce in a Hive connection:
Create temporary table t_just_a_temp as Select Current_Date;
Select * from t_just_a_temp; --make sure it worked
--wait 15-20 seconds without using the connection
Select * from t_just_a_temp; --Table or view not found: HIVE.t_just_a_temp

Running TDP using generic odbc connection configured with Hortonworks odbc driver for Hive through a Knox gateway.