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I work with many veersions of Oracle clients, so from 10g Oracle did not include home_selector for permanently setting current home.

So, you added home selector for sqlnav, and my question is: Is there any posibility to add option to set current ORACLE HOME for all applications, means change registry values as current Home.

Regards Piter.


Hi Piter,

We would love to do it for you and this can be done easily. However, SQL Navigator home selector was designed to serve and work only within SQL Nav application. It is not our intention to replace the Oracle Home selector, We do not want to change or have any impact on your Oracle setup environment, and other Oracle apps you might have on your system. From 10g onward, I believe you still can have the ability to change home permanently by using Oracle Universal installer then move the Home of your choice to the top in the list. you can also change it manually by putting the path of your selected Oracle home first in the path system variable.

Hope that this would help


Thanks for reply, of curse this is not problem for me, i have smart application in tray to set active home. But i thught something about special tool included into sqlnav, to change home. Maybe it would start including dba tools into sqlnav… :wink:

Thanks again…