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Hot to customise session browser columns in Toad 13.0

Under Toad session browser. On the LHS side..I want to customise, so I only see columns I want.

For example: I want to see serial# and don't need Type or server etc.

But now I have to set this each time I login to Toad manually, Is there an option to save this so I only see the columns I need. Thanks

Right-click, choose "Visible Columns".

I have been doing it manually by choosing the "visible columns" for all the new connections. Somehow I had to manually choose the columns which all I needed for new database connections.

Got it, I had to close all the existing connections, then open Toad again after which I'm able to see only the columns I chose before.

You didn't say that you were running multiple Session Browsers, so I'm not sure if this applies to you, but....

If you had more than one Session Browser at the same time that could have contributed to the problem. Those settings are written when the Session Browser closes, so if multiple are open at the same time, the last Session Browser to close will overwrite settings of the first one to close.


Thanks John for the Info and quick response. Will remember this!!