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how can get best performance from toad on virtual machine

Dear all


i have a virtual machine with windows 8.1 and installed on that Toad for oracle in most time working and run a query will be take a few minutes and will be so slow but i use this version of toad on my desktop pc with same resources such as virtual machine and don’t have any problem on desktop pc now i want to know is there any specific config on toad for optimize or get best performance ?

my resources:

8G memory


how can solve problem ?

Hi baber,

There is no specific configuration for SQL Optimizer running in virtual machine. SQL Optimizer doesn’t really know it is running in a virtual environment and the performance would be affected by the resource available to your VM so you may want to check how much resource is allocated.

And when you say it is slow, please be more specific if it is about he time needed to optimize a query or the time needed to execute a statement. If it is the later, then the performance will be depending on how fast the database complete the query and return. For optimization, test run will also be involved so the time will include generating different alternatives and also to run them all so the time will be much longer than running one query.



Instal from Sysinternals, Process Explorer (free tools from M$) and put in tray CPU, IO an memory monitoring icons.

Start SQL Optimizer and monitor who is taking resources and in which area.

IMHO, you will see bigger CPU load and bigger RAM use, used by SQL Optimizer.