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How can I combine a value from a output to another output variable

My proc has to results-one is a number and other a string.I need to combine the number with the string as the second output in code tester. i tried the below.

'Member ID ’ || e_OUT_MEMBER_ID ||‘does not exist’. but output is without the number.

What should i do to get the proper output .I cannot hardcode the value bcoz the id would change.Please advice.


there is quite a few things I didn’t understand. Please correct if I’m wrong.

Based on your post, you have a procedure with 2 outcomes. I tried to reproduce it, so I have a procedure:


Report_text OUT VARCHAR2)



OUT_MEMBER_ID := 123456;

Report_text := 'Member ID ’ || OUT_MEMBER_ID || ‘does not exist’;


Now I didn’t understand what do you call “output”. Is it the second out parameter? In term of Code Tester, is it the second outcome? Then, I could see the combined outcomes in my example. Please notice that I used the first parameter as a value in the tested program source code.

Please explain what should be the “output”.

Then, I see you’re using a Code Tester identifier convention: e_OUT_MEMBER_ID in your example. Are you trying to use a Code Tester variable? Using a Code Tester testing variable is allowed only in the test (case) customization. So if you have a test customization, please provide more details.

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