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How can I get Code Tester to stop regenerating and compiling my test code?


This question was posed to me by a Code Tester user:

Is there any way to speed up the unit test execution process? Currently, the entire unit test process is very slow. It must first rebuild the test cases and then execute them. Also, if the target package was changed at all then it seems that the unit test code must re-associate to the target package. When I make changes to the target package I must rebuild the program before I can run the unit test cases. I’m not sure why I have to do this. Any hints on how to optimize or speed up the build and execution processes would be appreciated.

Currently, it is taking 10-20 seconds to rebuild my test cases, since I only have a couple cases set up right now. Mostly I am thinking about my future use of the Quest tool. I want to start moving more towards a TDD (Test Driven Development) approach to my testing. In this approach I would specify several test cases first and then modify my package until it passed all of the tests. Normally, I wouldn


And the answer is:

Go to the Properties window for the test definition in Test Editor.

Change the value of the Definition Status drop down to:


And then Code Tester will NOT recompile or regen you test code, even if the program last modified date is more recent.