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How do I get the 6.3 beta?


When I go to the beta download page, there are only 6.2 files listed.


Hi Marie,

I assume that you refered to the Help->Join Beta program menu item.

This issue has just been addressed in our latest Beta build where it will takeyou to the current Beta forum - where you will be see latest announcement of beta builds…

We will send out the next beta build in about 1/2 hour. You should get anemail notification of the new build soon. Please check it again.

Thanks and regards,

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Hi Marie,

Beta Build 1828 is now available -

You can also use the Check for Update under menu Help->Check for Updates to go to the Community Page where you can find links to get access to latest Beta build. Much appreciated if could you please try the Check for Update and let us know if it is working for you.


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Great to have the check for updates fixed (since the upgrade to beta build 1796 I didn’t get that working :-))