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How do you copy just one cell from a result set?

How do you copy the value out of just one cell in a result set? I keep getting a dialog asking if I want headers and what not and then it copies the whole row. I just want a 1 cell of data, how do you do that?

Hi, I tried it, chose I think the third option without headers etc. and check Do not ask again. It copies only one cell value correctly. Which version are you working with?

Hi Dan,

That doesn't work on my version. I end up with a parenthesis set of values like you would use for a insert VALUES statement and includes values for all columns on the row.

I have version (64 bit).

I figured it out though. CTRL-V works. I was using CTRL-INS (I'm a windows person) which does not work. Right-click copy cell does not work either, with any option.

Yes, actually I didn't even think of someone using Insert :wink: Glad it works