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How is a packaged procedure tested for scalability


**We have a nmber of packaged proceudres; there are no stored procedures not packaged. We want to test the scalability of one (to start).

How is this done?

It does not appear that there is support for this as when you create a Load Scenario, the “Test Stored Procedure for Scalability” choice only look for non-packaged stored procedures.

Is there a work around?

If I create a strored procedure as a wrapper to a packaged stored procedure, will this work? Even if the packaged procedure calls other packaged procedures?

Many thanks…**


You can create a “Create Prepare SQL Statement Transaction” to do this.


Thank you -
I tried this but it did not work.

How can I trouble shhot this?

Thanks again…


What has happened? Can you kindly post the details information.


Not much to detail.
It appears to time out.
Runs for 4 minutes which I noticed is a timing setting.
is there a way to follow it through execution to see that it is connecting? executing? so forth.

Thank you…


You can switch to the “Job Queue” then click running job’s message. you can see what are executing. but there is no way to see that it is connecting, because when the BMF executing the tests, BMF need connect to the databases, if cannot the test will be stop and give an error message.