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This is where you tell the product management and development teams what you need to get more out of Benchmark Factory.

Any and all things are open for discussion.

You’re of course ALWAYS able to request these items via Quest Support, but here’s your chance to communicate with the people in the trenches.

Hey, it takes me an EXTREMELY long time to create my TPC-H instance for Oracle. Is there any way we can get BMF to help us build the databases faster or more efficiently?

We’d like to track the requested and implemented features and then document them as such in our product release notes. We’ll make you famous!

Jeff Smith
PM - Benchmark Factory for Databases

Remember - post multiple times under various yahoo and hotmail accounts so that we think lots of people agree with you :slight_smile:


I am all new to this topic. I am really hoping to learn lots of things from this community. Thanks in advance.