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How to Connect to Sybase SQL Anywhere using Toad and a VPN Connection


I have Toad for SAP Sybase trial version. It’s running inside an Azure virtual machine Windows Server 2012 R2. The Azure virtual machine is attached to a virtual network which also has a site to site connection to a physical server. The site to site connection works and the virtual machine is connected to the Azure network.

When I input the internal, non-public, IP address of the SQL Anywhere database I am unable to connect. Does Toad support some type of VPN tunneling or is there a special configuration that is needed to pass the local network IP address and then the internal database IP address? I’ve setup SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise on the virtual machine and intend to store data from the on premises database therein. However, my efforts to connect via VPN have been unsuccessful. How is this accomplished using Toad for SAP SQL Anywhere?

Thanks for your help and guidance.


There’s no any VPN specific configuration in Toad. If the SQL Anywhere server is accessible from the virtual machine Toad should be able to connect regardless the VPN.
So I guess there must be some network configuration problem in your Azure environment.
Are you able to ping the local IP address from the virtual machine? Have you checked if you can really access the SQL Anywhere TCP/IP port (by default 2638)? You can test that for example via telnet client.

I would also suggest you to check the firewall configuration.


Hi Schilders ,

I connect to my work network trough VPN with no issues.

Check your network connection.