How to create a new field


I would like to create 4 technical attributes in all tables. I have found PEREntity.Attributes of a type List, but there is no Add or Insert method available.

It would be very helpful when you could create an example with creating of two new fields - the first one with a usage of a domain and the second one without any domain. Or to add creating of these fields to your existing example where you create an empty table.




If you have any questions, please write us back.

Thank you.


Vladka + Mario

Hi Lada,

Please find attached a sample script. Execute it in Scripting Window.

The script will add three attributes to all entities of the model. First attribute of type Number(10,2), second attribute of type Char(100) and third attribute to which a domain will be assigned (in this example Domain1 that must exist in the model before you run the script).
The data types are valid only for Oracle 10g database. For other types or types of other databases, please have a look at the Reference Guide (Data Types). (711 Bytes)