How to create a Spark data frame using snow flake connection in python?

I am new to Spark and Python and I have a sql which is stored in a variable in python and we use SnowFlake database. How to create a spark datafrom using SQL with snowflake connection?

    import sf_connectivity (we have a code for establishing connection with Snowflake database)
    emp = 'Select * From Employee'
    snowflake_connection = sf_connectivity.collector() (It is a method to establish snowflake conenction)
    requirement 1: Create Spark Dataframe (sf_df) using 'emp' and 'snowflake_connection '
    requirement 2: sf_df.createOrReplaceTempView(Temp_Employee)

What are the packages or libraries it requires? How can I make this work?

FYI...Toad Data Point (TDP) can connect to SnowFlake, although Spark is a connector under consideration for future releases.

If I understand your use case correctly, you should be able to connect to SnowFlake with your TDP Pro version, and then execute your query by pasting it into the Editor (or use the Visual Query Builder). Once the data is created, you can export it to many different target formats (CSV, tab-delimited, XML, etc.)... guessing that Spark can take one of these formats in.