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How to Drag and Drop / Move Attributes


How do you Drag and Drop, Copy or Move Attributes between Entities?


I just figured out how to do it in the Physical Model Explorer.

Select attribute and then drag to another entity. So that is move.

But how do you copy & paste. Yes I know that should be obvious, but I guess I am just missing something.

And can any of these operations be done on the actual diagram instead of the explorer.



Let me recommend you to watch the Copy, Move Attributes movie available at:

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Generally, in TDM 3, you can copy/move attributes between entities:

  • within a Workspace,
  • in and between Entity Properties form | Attributes tab,
  • in Model Explorer: within Model Explorer, from Model Explorer to a Workspace directly and vice versa, between two Model Explorers of two different models.

Difference between copying and moving an attribute between entities in a Workspace - CTRL key is used in a different way:
A: Copy

  1. Select an entity of which attribute you’d like to copy.
  2. Press CTRL and hold the key down.
  3. Point your mouse cursor at an attribute you’d like to copy.
  4. Drag and drop it in a target entity.
  5. Release your mouse button and CTRL.

B: Move

  1. Select an entity of which attribute you’d like to move.
  2. Press CTRL and click the attribute you 'd like to move.
  3. **Release CTRL but keep holding the mouse button down.**4. Drag and drop the attribute in a target entity.


  • Shift and CTRL keys should be used for multiple selection.
  • At the moment it’s not possible to copy objects between models of a different database. Nevertheless, we have been working at this issue.

If there’s anything unclear, please write me back. Thanks!