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how to drag the name of a table from the db explorer?


Maybe its a simple, stupid question but how to drag the name of a table from the db explorer?
it drops the full select statement :frowning:


Not quite the same, but you can right click and copy name, then right click in the editor and paste.


Hi Filipe,

There’s an option in the preferences that specifies the behaviour of drag&drop table from the DB Explorer.
Select Preferences from the View menu to open the Preferences diaglog.
Select option ‘Insert only table name’ in the drop down list from Code Editor > General > Drag&Drop > Drag&Drop of Table nodes.

Hope this helps


An option like control-drag could to do that (or the full select statement) could be a nice feature

Thanks for the answer


You meant when the user presses Ctrl+drag, nav will paste the names of the tables and when the user only drags, it will paste the SELECT statements?

It’s a good idea but we only have some functionalities reserved for Ctrl+drag. You can have a look at topic ‘Dragging multiple items’ in the ‘SQL Navigator for Oracle Online Help’.



Hi Gwen

What I was thinks is that having Crt-drag of tables could be different from drag the table (when the option of select on drag is checked)…

that this time the crt-drag operates the same if you have that option selected.

I would like also to notice that the drag of column (name) from the table result to the script area is now kind of confusing where the name will be placed, because it missing the cursor indication.



Hi Filipe,

As I had stated above, we already used Ctrl+drag to control the formatting of the pasted items. Regarding the cursor indication, I totally agree with you that it needs to be fixed.