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How to execute multiple test definition using command line interface

Hi All,

We are integrating QTC for continuous integration build.For this its important to run test definition from the command line (from windows command prompt) to get success or failure message.

We were able to successfully run single test definition by using the below command

Oracle\QuestCodeTesterOracle.exe" /u=qcto /p=qcto /d=test /S="My_Test_Suite" /r /Close

is there any way to run multiple test definition using a single line command ?

Thanks in advance.


Please have a read of the following 2 articles by Finn Ellebaek Nielsen which explains how to do this. Essentially, if you have several test cases stored in a Test Suite, you can execute the Suite and therefore all it’s test cases. There are 2 parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:


John…/continuous-integration.aspx and Part 2…/continuous-integration-part-2.aspx