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How to export data that includes a STMT type field

I am at TOAD
My query returns 3 character fields, and 1 LONG field .
In my previous version, 9.7.2 I could export all of 4 of the fields to one xcel file and then look at the LONG field, and do searches on them in xcel.

I cannot get the LONG field to export along with the 3 character fields.
I can get the 3 char fields to export, or If I use the “Export Blobs” it will export only the LONG value to a file (each record with a new file name) , but I want all 4 of the fields together in 1 xcel file.


Never mind, helps if I could read.

I was reading the “Columns to exclude” as “Columns to include” and the LONG
was checked. So I was thinking it would be included, but actually was excluded.

Sorry about that.